Choosing an Appropriate Kitchen Sink


Kitchen sinks performs a number of functions but the most important is washing utensils, fruits and vegetables. When remodeling the kitchen, most people tend to forget the sinks. A good looking kitchen sink has an effect on the overall look of the kitchen.

When choosing a kitchen sink, color and material of the sink should be a major consideration. To bring out a clear theme statement, the color of the sinks should resemble that of the counter tops. The choice of material and size should be guided by the functions you normally perform in the kitchen and also your kitchen size. The stainless steel is the commonly used material in kitchen sinks due to its efficiency and sleek look. It does not catch dirt easily and it is easy to clean. Those that are made up enamel cast iron are the best when it comes to killing bacteria.

The type o sink chosen should fit into the space available and should be big enough to handle large utensils like bawls and pans. The type of sink installation is also important in kitchen appearance. Sinks can be over-mounted, under-mounted or even be self- rimmed or tiled up. This will all depend on the underneath cabinet size and the size of the material counter top.


Limited kitchen space dictates a special design of sinks, preferably the corner designs. These can be the corner-square or corner-circle sink. They bring out an elegant look and hide the awkward places. When shopping for sinks, always consider features like the spillway that prevents overflowing water from spilling to the floor. Rear drains provide you with plenty of space in the cabinet below the sink since the drains are in the back.

Equipped with this knowledge, choose the most appropriate sink that will suit your functions. Most importantly, consider your available budget before you send.

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