Types of Kitchen Floors


Kitchen flooring is an important component in kitchen decorating.  Choosing an appropriate kitchen floor can be difficult if expert advice is not sought. The kitchen is always occupied either during meals or cooking. A strong floor is required to withstand the constant traffic flow in the kitchen. In addition, the type of floor chosen should clearly bring out your theme statement. The common types of materials used in kitchen flooring include:

The ceramic tiles: these provide a classic style and fashion. They are cheap hence they suit any budget. When talking about style and fashion, ceramic tiles can be arranged to bring desired shapes and patterns. They also come in different colors hence your kitchen theme can also be seen on the floor. They are easy to clean and can withstand wear and tear.  One disadvantage is that they can be slippery when moist or wet.


Natural stone: natural stones come with different colors, textures and patterns. A combination of these can give your kitchen floor a glaring look that is hard to replicate. Natural stone come from limestone, slate, granite or travertine. With a stone floor, your kitchen will attain an elegant upscale look. Stone floors last longer and require little maintenance. This type of kitchen flooring is expensive.

Solid wood: classy kitchen flooring is attained by wooden floors. You do not have to worry about updating your floor as wood never goes out of fashion. Wood can be furnished from time to time giving it a glaring look. Good care has to be taken to avoid liquid spill as the will wear the wood easily. One salient feature of wooden floors is that they are suitable in low temperature areas as they never get cold like the tile and stone floors. Wood can also withstand a lot of traffic and it develops a rich patina as it ages.

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