What is a Kitchen Island?

Most kitchens are designed to hold many kitchen appliances, groceries, food and utensils. This leaves the kitchen with a lesser working space. The kitchen island was designed to give kitchen users more working space. A kitchen island is surface mostly found in the middle space of the kitchen. It is a counter top where a number of functions can be performed ranging from food preparation to other secondary kitchen functions.


The top of this island is made from the standard kitchen material; that is, stone, tiles, glass of even wood. It is made to the height of the waist or sometimes higher. It may be fitted with drawers for storing kitchen tools and utensils. In modern kitchens, the surface is fitted with both a tap and a sink. It can also have a chopping board on one side. These help in fruit and vegetable preparation. To provide adequate lighting to this surface, a light is fitted right on top of the counter. It is essential to have a well light surface so as to minimize kitchen accidents resulting from the sharp knives and chopping appliances.

The counter can be used for a number of functions. Preparation of bulky foods like dough and pastas is done on this surface. Hot foods especially from the oven are transferred to this surface to cool before they are served. In large and busy families, the counter can be used as a dining table for having quick meals.

Choosing the right design, color and material for your kitchen island will depend on a number of factors. Most importantly is the size of your kitchen. The material should be attractive and easy to clean because this is a working surface. It should be able to handle all substances ranging from hot foods to water. The surface chosen should suit the functions you want and meet your budget.

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