What To Consider Before Adding Kitchen Islands

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Kitchen Islands are counters that are attached to the kitchen wall that can be easily accessed from all sides. Kitchen islands have become a common design feature for kitchens nowadays. Depending on the amount of kitchen space that you have you could have a kitchen island that could serve multiple purposes. It could be a storage area, it could be a dining area or even a cooking area. Before deciding on adding a kitchen island to your kitchen consider the following:

  • Function of the island: Decide on what will be the main function of the island. Will it be for eating, cleaning, cooking or will it be for prepping or entertaining? Deciding on what will be the main function of the island will enable you to know how much kitchen space you would need to build one.
  • What appliances would you need in your island?: For example if you want the island to function as a cleaning area then you would have to a sink installed into it and a dishwasher place created underneath it. If it will be a cooking top ensure that you will install an exhaust vent or a hood. Ensure that you make a list of all the things that you will need to install into the island in order of priority.
  • The height of the island: Before you determine the height of the island you will need first to know the height of the seats that you intend to use for the island. If you intendto have bar stools then 42 inch stools would be of a better choice because they would offer more flexibility. The island could be designed to have two levels. A higher level for the working area and a lower level for the dining area so that it can accommodate the stools. A 32 inch island would provide a seating that will be between a table seat and a typical bar stool.



Those are some of the things that you will need to consider when constructing your kitchen island so that you can have an island that is both functional and aesthetic.

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